• Dr. Jayant Lokhande

Yuga Health is championed by Dr. Jayant Lokhande, MD in Botanical Drugs, MBA in Biotechnology, who is an expert in the application of nutraceuticals in various conditions.

Brief Profile

Dr. Jayant Lokhande is M.D. - Botanical Drugs and MBA - Biotechnology. He is a subject expert in Botanical Drugs & Biotechnology Business Management. He has successfully strategized and formulated diverse products for several nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and medical food companies globally. He has significant clinical experience especially in using Botanical Drugs and Medical Foods for Complex and Chronic Diseases.

His other professional interests are in Biodiversity Entrepreneurship, Bio prospecting, Medical Anthropology, Disease Reversal Therapeutics, and Ashtanga Yoga. He has special skill and practice in translating Yoga & Ayurveda Principles in Innovation, System & Technology Development. He is currently working as Director R & D - Chief Scientific Officer in Indus Extracts in US and his responsibilities include Business Analysis, Product & Market Development.